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God Surprises are the Best! Meeting with Korean Friends for My Birthday.

Korean Prayer Mission Friends at Cape Henry

I love how God is full of surprises! I got to meet a new group of friends from South Korea yesterday, on my birthday! Many of you know I began learning to speak Korean at the end of last year. Some of you asked why and the rest likely wondered. I wondered! I was even reminded by one person that I already speak some Spanish and am around more Spanish speakers so maybe that language would be a better focus. Their logic was not wrong. My husband tried to figure out all the potential spiritual reasons for it. My answer continued to be that I don’t know why except that I love the language and feel a passion about learning it. Then I had a friend speak up and say, “It’s okay to have a hobby!” That was so freeing! My old performance mentality wanted a clear why for learning the language, but my friend's words set me free from that. I decided to just enjoy learning, at the same time praying and telling God it was all His and to lead me wherever He wants with it.

Fast forward to April of this year, my husband randomly sent a picture of a prayer gathering at Cape Henry from many years ago to a pastor friend. That pastor replied that he would be back at that spot to pray with a group from South Korea coming to pray for America on May 15. Even my husband was excited. South Koreans? Praying for America? My Birthday? He was sure it was like a game of Tag You're It from Heaven just for me. It was a great birthday gift. I got to meet with, pray with, and speak with these beautiful people who were excited that I spoke a little of their language. They even sang the Happy Birthday song to me in Korean in the middle of a Chik-fil-a. How fun!

When we finally parted ways after many hugs, someone in the group shouted, "Thank you for learning to speak Korean!" My heart felt like it was exploding with joy. I could not have orchestrated this myself, so now I am just along for the ride. I will continue learning and just watch and see what is next.

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