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How We Judge

This morning in prayer I had a stream of thoughts coming on how we judge. When we get wrapped up in judging someone else's character, heart, etc. and it keeps bothering us, it is a clear sign that we need to run to the throne and get wrapped up in the heart of the Father. In that place, Abba will release His heart and thoughts for that person and we will see the person differently.

Even when someone is in bondage to sin, if our heart is to judge them and be angry, then we are forgetting that we have been called as ministers of reconciliation. We are called to partner with God in declaring divine destiny and purpose over others. Jesus purchased and released grace to me while I was yet a sinner. If I am conformed to His image, then I will release the same grace.

The thought that keeps coming is, "How do I want to be judged?" Matthew 7:12 says, "For with the way you judge, you will be judged, and by your standard of measure it will be measured to you." Also, the "Golden Rule" in verse 12 tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I love it that this is called the Golden Rule. It is about us looking for and standing in belief for the gold in people's lives. I want people to think the best of me and assume the best of my motives. It is "golden" to do the same for others.

Lord, transform my thinking so that I can only think of others the way that You do, not denying the facts, but neither allowing facts to become the declaration of my mouth. Help me to declare the truth of Your desire for other's lives above and beyond actions or attitudes. Let me hear Your heart for others and stand in agreement with Your heart.

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