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Encounter the Lamb

The Passover feast in which a lamb was sacrificed, pointed to the perfect Lamb of God, Jesus. (John 1:29) Something in Numbers 9 yesterday made me realize that even under the Old Covenant system of law, God was ultimately more interested in relationship than rules. In Numbers 9:7, some men, who were unclean according to the law and therefore to be put outside the camp so they wouldn't defile it, came to Moses and said, "Why can't we bring the Lord's offering at the appointed time?" Verse 8 says that Moses told them to wait while he "heard" what the Lord had to say about it. According to the law, hadn't he already heard in Numbers 5:2? The first amazing thing I found here is that Moses didn't say, "Hey guys, the law is the law, you're unclean, so out you go!" The men who came to Moses had a desire to pursue or honor the Lord in spite of their uncleaness. Moses responded to that desire and God responded to Moses. Basically, God's response was, "Regardless of the law set for uncleaness, My people will keep the Passover to the Lord."

Jesus is our Passover Lamb and He invites all to partake of Him. None of us were clean until we partook of Him. Exodus 12:2 speaks of "a lamb for a house." Today let those of us cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, prophetically declare a Passover Lamb encounter for all those "unclean" among us...a Lamb for a house! Lord, we call all of our household, our neighbors, friends and family into an encounter with the Lamb of God.

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