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Don't Look Down!

I began my devotion time this morning just resting in the presence of the Lord...yet I felt nothing. I switched over to praying in the spirit and still felt nothing. You know those times, when you do what you know to do by faith whether you feel it or not. After almost an hour I switched to playing a list of Holy Spirit songs from my iTunes library…still nothing. Finally a song came on that I didn’t recognize by a group I don’t know. Surely I added it at some point, but I did not remember it at all. It was, “Holy Spirit Come,” by Radiant Worship. As this song began to play, there was a stirring in my spirit. I sang with it, worshipped in the spirit, and prayed. It took over an hour to get there, but I moved from nothing to breakthrough.

I began to hear things in my spirit like, “Align yourself with spiritual awakening,” “Rejoice over the breakthrough,” and “It’s about posturing and positioning.” So of course I began declaring, “I align myself with the spiritual awakening that God is releasing. I refuse to be satisfied with the mundane or with an average spiritual life. I align myself with breakthrough.” I went on to call forth the spiritual awakening and breakthrough over my family, friends, church, etc.

Suddenly, I had a quick vision of a tall brick building. A woman that I could not identify was climbing a ladder up the side of the building. She was closer to the top of the building than the ground. She didn’t seem to be striving in her climb, but was climbing steadily up. I saw her begin to turn her head and heard myself say to her, “Don’t look down!” I had a sense of knowing that she could make it to the top, but also that if she looked down at things below and how far she could fall, the fear of failure would stop her upward momentum and possibly even cause her to start going back down the ladder.

Instantly, I was reminded of Colossians 3:2 that I read just a couple of days ago, “Set your mind on things above, not on things that are on earth.” We know this! Yet, as we are climbing, not striving in our own strength, but climbing up into all the purposes of God, we need to be reminded of this.

Meditating on this vision and the verse, I felt like the woman on the ladder represents the church, those of us who believe. As in the vision, I just want to yell, “Don’t look down!” Jesus set the bar high in signs, wonders, miracles, love, relationships, and more. He then left us with the privilege of moving the bar even higher in John 14:12 when He told us that those who believe in Him would do “greater works.”

So, today, no matter what on earth is screaming, “Look down here,” I will lift my eyes and keep on climbing. Don’t look down!

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